Business Travel Insurance Policy – Getting The Right One

If you travel regularly on business, you should always carry a business travel insurance policy. This is essentially just a insurance policy for traveling that is customized to the needs of the business traveler. Nearly all of these insurance policies for business travelers will include coverage of any travel arrangements, luggage loss, and rental car accidents.

While it is possible to purchase a policy that will cover a single trip, for regular business travels, annual business travel insurance policies are typically a better deal. Insurance plans for business travel are usually cheaper than regular insurance plans, depending on coverage needs. It is also cheaper to purchase domestic business travel insurance plans than insurance coverage for international business travels.

Typically policies for business travels will include up to $50,000 in benefits whether it is a one-time policy or an annual policy. But regular insurance plans often caps coverage at $25,000.

Luggage coverage goes beyond just checked luggage. It also covers laptops, cell phones, pagers, projectors, and any other equipment the business traveler typically carries.

If the trip gets interrupted by bad weather or mechanical problems the business policy holder can cancel the trip and be reimbursed for the cost of the trip.

This plan also includes trip cancellation insurance which is much like regular travel insurance’s trip interruption coverage. However, business policies usually include more coverage, such as allowing for changes in accommodations to complete the trip.

Funds are provided for anything lost on the trip. This can be very important if passports or tickets are lost during the trip.

You may also be able to get some legal services in case of accusations of crime by you or crime committed against you. Generally luggage or equipment that is stolen is covered. In some cases even kidnapping ransoms will be replaced by your business insurance policy.

One of the coverage benefits you’ll want to look for in your coverage is medical expenses. You’ll want to know for sure whether all medical expenses are covered or just accidents and emergencies. In particular, find out what kind of coverage is provided for illness. Many travel medical insurance policies cover emergency evacuations, but many do not cover other medical expenses. You’ll have to decide how much medical coverage you need.

Fortunately, even with all of the available coverage options, business travel insurance is generally quite affordable. Some other features that may be included with your business insurance plan include road side assistance and life insurance.

Top 5 Basic Things to Consider When Choosing a Travel Agent For Traveling to Antarctica

Travelers planning a trip must perform due diligence with the task of choosing a dependable travel agent. This becomes crucial when the planned trip is to Antarctica. The harsh and unpredictable weather as well as remote and inhospitable geographical conditions of the region demand that experienced and capable people handle the affairs of an expedition be it by air or sea.

Choosing a dependable travel agent is a tricky job as there are a dismayingly large number of travel agencies out there. Anyone with a little knowledge of Internet ticket booking and awareness of travel destinations can set up a travel agency. It is hard to expect quality and dependable service even from registered travel agencies as the registration process is simple and doesn’t require much more than filling out a simple form and paying some fees. Airliners and cruise liners affiliations are also meaningless. Let the lure of visiting the White Continent not make you overlook some basic factors in choosing a travel agent. If I were traveling to Antarctica these are the things I would be concentrating on for selecting a travel agent.


This is the prime consideration while choosing a travel agent. Usually, the more reputable a travel agency the better is its service. Ascertain whether it’s lower cost or quality service that makes a particular travel agent special. Your target is clearly reputation based on the dependability of service. Cheap and best are not applicable always. You don’t drive the cheapest car, don’t wear the cheapest dress, and don’t eat out in the cheapest restaurant. So why choose a travel agent that specializes in providing cheap services. You are going to Antarctica, remember. Everything should be top notch. You should concentrate on getting that. Getting better rates becomes secondary to getting top equipment, facilities, and services.

People assume that the longer a travel agency is in business the better will be the quality of their service. This is purely a common assumption and there are no statistics to support this. Not how long has the travel agency been in service, but how well is it serving travelers now should be the question uppermost in your mind. The fact is that there are many old travel agencies on the verge of running out of business and there are many new travel agencies offering better services with newer and appropriate policies. Reputed, experienced, and efficient should be the preferred criteria of your choice. Equally important is to choose tour operators that specialize in expeditions to ice covered lands like the Arctic and Antarctica.

Check with Friends, Clients, and Suppliers

The best opinions that you can get are from trusted friends and associates that have traveled to Antarctica. If you can tolerate a little exaggeration or understatement you will get honest opinions from them. However, don’t take a single emphatic recommendation as final. Check and verify with others about any recommendation. Find from the recommended travel agent if they are giving any benefits to clients for bringing in referrals. Make sure that your friend has not referred you mainly to earn benefits for himself.

Get a list of existing clients and suppliers from the travel agent to verify its claims. Find out how the travel agency performs on a bad day. Be careful as it’s natural on the part of a supplier to say only positive things about a travel agent if the latter is the former’s client. You should contact a reliable and reputable supplier to establish the truth whether or not the travel agent does business with it. Clients can better testify about the veracity of the claims made by a tour operator. Get an exhaustive list of clients so that the travel agent will not know which ones you are going to contact. If you are taking the contact address of a few clients then contact them right away so that the travel agent gets no time to tutor clients and dress up testimonies.

Dependable Team

The competencies and expertise of the expedition team are crucial to an Antarctic expedition. In the unending stretch of ice and cold water you have only them to ensure your safety. A dependable team should comprise of at least one veteran captain having several expedition experiences, expert sailors, environmentalists, geologists familiar with the topography of the continent and specializing in glaciology, oceanographers, marine biologists, polar scientists, and polar educators. It’s essential for all the above people to have previous Antarctic expedition experience. Make sure that the team has all the qualification and experience to make your expedition a safe and enjoyable one.

Sturdy Ship

Special attention must be paid for the kind of ship the travel agent is going to put you on and the team that will lead the expedition. The ship must be in top condition. It must have all the latest communication tools as well as expedition equipment. Find out how well the ship can cope with disaster?

Ask the travel agent about which cruise liners are listed in their agency and how many voyages the cruise liners have made to Antarctica? The more successful voyages made by a cruise liner the better – the rule is simple. Is your travel agency offering good ice breaking ships or ice strengthening cruises? If you are more adventurous you should prefer the ice breaking cruises as they will take you to places that just ice strengthened ships cannot take. Ask the tour operator what kind of logistics the ships offer (zodiacs and helicopters). What kind of gear and equipment do they make available on the ship? Will the ship have qualified guides, naturalists, geologists, and sailors to make the expedition safe and successful?

Some More Questions to Ask the Tour Operators

There are expeditions led by people that have explored the entire Antarctic. Your expedition can benefit immensely from the knowledge of such people. Find out whether the tour operators are members of International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO). IAATO is a private body, which has laid down the rules to be followed by tour operators while going to Antarctica and about conduct on the continent.

Ask the travel agent this precious question, “what service they offer which any other agents do not or cannot offer”? Compare the results and answers of the travel agents and go for the most reliable one.

If you plan to fly over part of Antarctica then find out from the tour operator whether the pilot and crew members have previous flying experience to the continent. Some travel agencies make sure that the captain of the airplane has flown to Antarctica at least once before.

These are just five basic factors that you should consider when selecting a travel agent for an expedition to Antarctica. There are more things that you should take into account while doing the due diligence in this regard. Look up on the Internet and guidebooks to cover all the aspects to make sure that you have taken utmost care in selecting a travel agent. Do not always trust what is posted in forums without cross checking. For that matter trust advise or information only when they come from an authentic and reputed source. Cross check them to be absolutely sure. Have a safe and happy voyage.

The Pros And Cons Of Golf Travel Cases

So you’re a fanatical golfer and you love to travel as well. Ever considered using a golf travel case?

Golf Travel Cases are a good way of protecting your investment in your golf clubs. A good set of golf clubs can cost in the thousands, and you’ll be pretty disappointed to spend all that money on your clubs just to find them broken or even stolen on a golf holiday.

With golf vacations so popular now there are lots of people traveling with golf clubs. And lots of people disappointed to arrive for their golf vacation to find that their golf clubs have been damaged.

Unfortunately it isn’t good enough to just zip up your golf bag and put it on the plane. This is a recipe for getting the contents of the golf bag stolen, including your clubs, or your clubs damaged.

However there is a solution, and it is known as a golf travel case. A golf travel case is a bag specifically designed to house golf clubs and to protect them during travel.

A good golf club case should allow you to lock your clubs inside the travel case so light fingered baggage handlers can’t take a liking to your golf balls or anything else of value that you may be transporting in your travel case, like your golf clubs.

There are 2 types of golf travel case, and the type you need depends on the type of travelling you will be doing with your golf clubs.

The first type is a soft golf travel case. As the name suggests it is made from a soft material. You put your golf clubs inside and zip or strap it up, and it’s good to go.

That’s fine if you’re intending to put your golf clubs into the car for a long car journey, but if you’re flying it probably won’t be good enough. A soft golf travel bag provides your clubs with some protection, but not a whole lot more than you would get from a regular golf bag.

If you’re flying, on the other hand, you need a hard golf travel bag. A hard travel case is one made from a plastic material like moulded polyethylene and is extremely good at protecting your valuable golf clubs. A hard travel case should be puncture resistant for those moments when the baggage handlers throw your clubs on the top of a sharp object. A good hard travel case will allow you to put your golf bag inside as well, and a few items of your other luggage as well if you’re lucky to minimize your other baggage.

Some manufacturers of hard golf travel cases back up their products with insurance for your golf clubs if they are damaged in flight, and lifetime warranties. It takes some confidence in a product to do that.

And the claim has even been made that one of these hard travel cases could be dropped from the plane during the flight and the golf clubs would survive intact.

Needless to say the hard golf travel cases, though superior to soft travel cases in some respects, also have their disadvantages too. They are usually more expensive than their soft cousins, and are a real nuisance to store, either at home or when you’re checking into your hotel.

There are lots of differences even between different types of soft or hard golf travel cases, and you need to know your requirements before you buy. However there is no doubt that if you’re traveling with your golf clubs you need a good quality golf travel bag. It costs a lot less than replacing your golf clubs does.

Last Minute Travel Deals – 9 Ways to Find Last Minute Travel Bargains

Let’s say you’ve got to “get out of Dodge” quickly. You need to find a flight now but you’d still like to find some last minute travel bargains.

In the past you might have had to bite the bullet and pay whatever the travel agent was asking, but nowadays, with the internet, it’s even possible to find last minute travel deals.

If you’ve been looking at the travel industry there’s a lot of competition on the net. That’s really good news for travelers. We now have a lot more options for finding last minute travel packages. With a little bit of research we can compare the cost of airline tickets, hotels and car rentals. And with a little bit of luck we can even find a choice of last minute travel specials.

Here are 9 things to do for you to have a shot at getting those elusive last minute travel bargains.

Be Flexible

  • While it might not be convenient, if you can travel a day or two earlier or later than you planned you can usually get cheap airfare deals.
  • Also, if you can leave early in the morning or perhaps take the “red eye” you could save some money.
  • Don’t Panic – Check Out Several Travel Websites

    It’s not a good idea to freak out when you’re looking for last minute flights. Take an extra half hour to look.

  • Check out several sites. You could find discounts that will save you a lot of money.
  • If you want to find one of the last minute travel specials it’s usually not a good idea to jump on the first thing you see.

    Fly on Tuesday or Wednesday

    If your schedule permits, try to book your flights mid-week. That’s usually the slowest part of the week.

  • You can often save at least 25% on your airline tickets by flying on one of those days.
  • Sign Up For Travel Alerts

    This you’re going to have to do in advance. Airlines email people that are on their travel alerts list about last minute travel bargains.

  • So sign up today in case you might need it tomorrow.
  • Subscribe to Online Travel Newsletters

    A lot of sites that are related to travel have newsletters.

  • Some of them will let you know when there are last minute travel deals. They’ll send you an email when they find any last minute travel bargains that meet your criteria.
  • Look at Airlines Websites

    Some airlines only post their last minute travel deals on their own website. Some airlines don’t post last minute travel specials on any website.

    But because some do…

  • when you check directly on the airlines’ websites you might find one of the last seats on a flight you want that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Look for Package Deals

    This could help if you’re traveling with someone.

  • Sometimes you’ll find last minute travel packages that cover your airline tickets and hotel reservations, but they’re usually for double occupancy.
  • See If There’s Another Airport Nearby

    If you’re flying into a major airport, check to see if there’s a smaller airport nearby.

  • Often flying into a smaller airport can save you both time and money.
  • Find A Good Travel Agent

    Again, this is something you’ll have to prepare for. Internet reservations have cut into travel agents’ income.

  • A lot of times, in order to generate a loyal clientele, travel agents will use their inside information to find last minute travel bargains and pass them on to you.
  • If you find a travel agent who goes out of their way to help you, consider using them for making travel arrangements for you in the future. They could be worth their weight in gold.

    Travel Accessories

    If we are planning for a vacation, then we have to list out important travel accessories which are very helpful for travelling. You may need a travel iron, travel mugs, a travel hair dryer, charger, travel bags or some other type of appliance. What you need will depend on where you are going and what you are going to be doing when you reach there!

    Travel appliances are minimise versions of your favorite personal care and other compact appliances.They usually have features like foldable handles, that make them easier to pack and store. They differ from regular appliances in that way that they are much more compact and specifically designed for travel.

    There are many travel appliances that are made for specific travel situations. For example, if you are traveling internationally, you will have to get travel appliances with dual voltage capabilities, as other countries are using different electrical current. So you can easily use that devices for different currents.

    Also we have to carry some travel bags, money belts, luggage straps for safely carrying our valuables. Travel accessories make our journey very convenient and delightful . We can avoid many time consumable things with proper use of different travel accessories.

    If we are planning for a vacation , then we have to list out important travel accessories which are very helpful for travelling . You may need a travel iron, travel mugs, a travel hair dryer, charger, travel bags or some other type of appliance. What you need will depend on where you are going and what you are going to be doing when you reach there!

    Travel appliances are minimise versions of your favorite personal care and other compact appliances.They usually have features like foldable handles, that make them easier to pack and store. They differ from regular appliances in that way that they are much more compact and specifically designed for travel.